Booking Details/Instructions


  • Every delivery includes a tracking link with order# that will be sent out to customers when our courier is en route which they will be able to track our courier LIVE location to know the status of their deliveries along with Estimated Arrival Time.
  • Our clients can contact our dispatch with order# anytime to know the live updated status of their every Delivery.
  • Our dispatch will contact clients directly for any issues with the deliveries.
  • Every delivery has the feature to include a signature or photo upon delivery if requested by clients.

Delivery Booking instructions

Payment Options

  • E-transfer/Cash /Credit card.
  • Payment can also be paid online on our website.
  • Invoice sent monthly on the 1st week of every month.

Business Account information

  • Sign up for a Business account on our website
  • Place an order through our online booking platform on our website
  • Orders tab will show all the past orders that have been booked
  • Once delivery is booked it cannot be changed, for any changes or cancellation please contact our support directly and they will be happy to help you

Online Delivery Booking

  • Fill out the complete booking details (Please make sure all details are correct to ensure delivery will be booked successfully)
  • Avoid using abbreviations for the address to ensure successful booking use full word IE. Street, East, Avenue, Crescent
  • Phone number must be provided, if not available use the same phone number as pick-up
  • Any incorrect information provided can result in failed delivery with fees charged
  • Include any additional delivery instructions that you would like us to follow
  • Delivery booking must be made one at a time, please submit the first order than proceed to book the second
  • For bulk orders, 20+ on the same pick-up, contact us for the bulk order excel sheet for the booking and special pricing
  • Once your booking is made you will receive email of the booking details, please wait for the confirmation email to ensure your delivery is scheduled successfully( If you do not receive the confirmation email please contact us directly)
  • Langley/Mapleridge/Whiterock bookings must be made one day in advance

Choosing a delivery time

  • Please choose your preferred delivery window 


*North-West VAN and SURREY require minimum 6 hours timeframe.

  • For same-day orders, the cut-off time is 2 PM 
  • For North-VAN and SURREY same-day orders cut-off is 11AM
  • Same-Day booking must be made one hour prior to the preferred delivery timeframe
  • Please have the item ready for pick up before your preferred delivery timeframe 

Additional delivery information

  •  Our delivery hours are 9AM-6PM, however, we do have late-hour delivery until 10PM with extra charge
  • Depending on the address, in certain areas of Surrey and North Vancouver could be charged as other regions or with additional charges please refer to our territory map for the regions
  • Our courier will not enter the building for deliveries and the recipient must meet in the lobby of the building unless necessary
  • For any orders that we cannot reach the recipient, we will leave at the door
  • Any failed delivery IE. Apartments recipient not reached or incorrect information, items will be brought back to our office for re-delivery *we will notify our client when it occurs
  • Customer can also pick-up from our courier free of charge 

Extra Service information

  • With any additional service please select the option and include details in “additional extra service information”, if additional service not selected there will be extra charges applied once delivery is completed
  • Additional items: Delivery charge includes one single item, any additional item will be charged as multiple (multiple items can be put in one bag to be considered one item)
  • Specific time request: Any time request on pick-up/delivery (IE. Pick-up before 2PM or Delivery after 1PM) *Each request is counted as one extra charge.
  • Bulk Delivery: takes up the entire back-seat and trunk of our vehicles
  • Supply Pick-up: Items must be ready and paid for our courier to pick them up at the supply location
  • Late Hour Delivery: Our late hour is from 6pm-10pm
  • Oversized: Any item larger than 25” in height/width will be charged as oversized (to a maximum of 38”)
  • Direct Delivery/Exact Time: A courier send out just for your delivery with exact time request.
  • Out of Territory Area: Additional charge will be applied on top of the delivery charge of the closest city.

Exemptions (Christmas Day/ Valentines Day/ Mothers Day)

  • We might not be able to accept deliveries to Langley/ White Rock/ Maple Ridge
  • We will not be able to guarantee a timeframe, however, the delivery will be done on the same day we will notify you upon booking during these exceptions.

Cancellation/ Liability/Disclaimer

  • Cancellation is accepted one day before the delivery date, same-day order cancellation is not accepted
  • Any damage or unsatisfied delivered product will be covered by TR courier at item COST PRICE not listed price.
  • Please understand that unexpected factors such as weather conditions, traffic, driver emergency and other situations may occur. We will do our best to resolve these issues and deliver your items as quickly as possible.